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2008 10 20  No – B5




        Traupis Principal School, Anyksciai region, Lithuania, represented by headmaster  
         Vilmante Kalibatiene,  Traupis Department  of Lithuanian Young  Christian Associacion,
         represented by manager Janina Palikeviciene, Žilvitis Preschool, Anyksciai 
         region, Lithuania,    represented by headmaster Virginija Padumiene, Jules Ferry 
         Primary School, Hem, France, represented by headmaster Michel Point, have made 
         this Contract:

1.        The object of the Contract is: the organisation of public, methodical, cultural,
    sports,  environment protection and preventive activities.

2.             The responsibilities:

            to organize the accomodation and partial board for participants during the meetings,

            to organize the cultural, sports and cognitive activities in the range of the regions,

            to learn and to spread new methods of education among the educational institutions
      of the regions,

            to involve new institutions in to the movement,

            to take part within united projects,

            to activate the local authoryties to make partnership between region centres.  

3.         Other specification:

            3.1. This Contract comes into force in the  signing day,

            3.2. This Contract may be changed or closed with agreement of sides,

            3.3. Before the closing the Contract the another side must be informed in 30 days.

            3.4. There are fore copies of the Contract and they have the same force de jure.


                              Traupio pagrindine mokykla                                                  NVO LJKS Traupio skyrius

                            Jaunimo g. 4, Traupis 29293,                                                  Jaunimo g. 4, Traupis 29293,     

                              Anyksciu r., Lithuania                                                             Anyksciu r., Lithuania

                           Headmaster Vilmante Kalibatiene                                         Manager Janina Palikeviciene



                            Ecole Jules Ferry                                                                        Vaiku lopselis-darzelis Zilvitis
                        31 Rue des ecoles, Hem 596510                                                     Sviesos g. 7, Anyksciai 29147, 
                                Nord Pas Calais, France                                                           Lithuania

                            Headmaster Michel Point                                                         Headmaster Virginija Padumiene





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