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During this year, we will make a lot of exchange but we will continue to have european community. So, we are in preparation too for next comenius. We write this text for information. The group will be : France, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia and Greece.

On the morrow of the Multilateral School Partnership project, we, 3 schools and 2 associated partners decided to continue the cooperation, because we saw how big effect of the project is. We signed the contract and continue the work till to this moment .We decided to make new project but with more intense practise, including new institutions and to  enlarge the propagation of the experience. We want to depolarise the cultures of different countries, to improve our knowledge of historical and cultural heritage not only of the own country, to look for the historical-political-cultural link of different countries, to learn languages, to prove our students that they are not only citizens of their own countries - they are citizens of EU, to show them the ways how they can find their anchorage in the world and in the life. Within this project we will include different groups of kids - from 4 till to the 17 years and the kids with the special needs and religion trends. We will include other educational institutions from our regions and the local authorities to show our work and results, we will include them to our activities.  All the project is segmented into the some parts. Every part is intended for one country of the Partnership (information and link seeking, exchange of information, involvement, activities, knowledge proving and practice during the project meetings in places).

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